About us

Your specialist for soot blowers of all ages, all models, all manufacturers

When we founded the company in 2002, we were able to build on the many years of experience of the senior boss gained when working for a soot blower manufacturer. Junior boss Dominic Bänker, a mechanical engineering graduate, supplemented his father's manual skills with the theoretical background and business knowledge. Rußbläser-Service Bänker GmbH has now made a name for itself in the industry.


We are delighted about your interest. Many years of experience and precise knowledge of the market help us to find the optimal solution for you. Managing director Dominic Bänker and his team are always looking after their customers.


No request is too small, no problem is too big! We always try to be up-to-date in terms of know-how as well as technology, and therefore invest in our equipment and the further training of our employees. And so, we are pleased that 10 professional and committed current colleagues are doing everything to satisfy the customers - that is, you.

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Our experience is our strength

Quality-conscious and dynamic

The Bänker team is technically skilled and has years of practical experience in soot blower repair. We do not simply maintain and repair, but track down weak points and try to eliminate them.

  • Over 20 years of experience in the field of service and maintenance of soot blowers as an employee
  • In 2002, the company Rußbläser-Service-Bänker GmbH was founded to deal with the maintenance and repair of soot blowers.
  • From 2009, expansion of the company with spare parts logistics business division
  • Servicing of even the oldest soot blower models
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We offer customer-oriented industrial services for power plant operators

We are a customer-oriented service provider that understands the framework conditions and solves customers' tasks with the highest reliability and quality.


Now and in the future!

For you as a customer, this means:

  • You receive a complete package of advice, service and spare parts logistics
  • You benefit from more than 20 years of experience
  • You receive a needs-based, high-quality, individual solution
  • You discover potential savings and optimise your budget

The Team

Currently 10 professional and committed colleagues who do everything to satisfy the customers - that is, you.

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Dominic Bänker

Managing Director

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Nicole Deckers

Management Assistant

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